During the course of the year 1989, Jiří Mucha intensively looked for a way to legally cut John Omond out of the inheritance. Jiří Mucha out of decency never took steps to legally declare John Omond as his stepson although he certainly made it clear that he did not want John Omond to inherit anything.

Public notary document dated May 15, 1989 and September 12, 1989 upon the action of Jiří Mucha – effort to settle inheritance (looking for a way for his friends to receive his assets)

As the years went on, Jiří Mucha continued to strive to find a way to ensure that the extensive art collections and copyrights would not fall into the wrong hands. He didn’t want John Omond to inherit anything but the legal path to disinheritance didn’t exist at that time. Attorney Dagmar Burešová suggested using purchase agreements or deeds of gift for his closest family.