Jiří Mucha unexpectedly died on April 5, 1991 and thus began the merry-go-round of Mucha inheritance matters. Also on this merry-go-round is the extremely undervalued estate of Jiří Mucha.

List of works of art and their value as compiled for an exhibition in Japan (PRICES IN US DOLLARS)

Around this time, other such lists of Alfons Mucha’s works of art were compiled. The value of the art on this list, compiled by Jana Orlíkova-Brabcova for an exhibition in Japan, totals several million dollars.

List of works of art compiled for the inheritance proceedings (PRICES IN CZECH CROWNS)

Following the death of Jiří Mucha, notary Miloslava Saydlová compiled a list of possessions and the amounts for the inheritance proceedings and for duty. The amounts are up to 100 times undervalued and all of Jiří Mucha’s assets were valued at just a couple of million Czech crowns.

A simple comparison of the estimated price of works lent for an exhibition in Tokyo in 1992 also testifies to the almost 100-fold undervaluation of assets.

The painting Vision (1888) was valued by Jana Orlíková at 25,000 USD while Miloslava Saydlová valued it at 8,000 CZK – at the exchange rate of 1 USD = 29 CZK in 1991, the actual value of the painting was approximately 725,000 CZK

Jana Orlíková valued the Design for Illustration for Charles Seignobos’ Histoire d’Espagne at 30,000 USD while Miloslava Saydlová valued it at 6,000 CZK – the actual value of the work should have been approximately 870,000 CZK