John Omond was never Mucha. Alfons Mucha was not related to him.

You would hardly be looking for the bloodline of an unsuccessful banker and a prominent artist, Alfons Mucha.


History of betrayal of the family name and the subsequent struggle for unjustified inheritance

The significant Czech and world painter Alfons Mucha had two children, a son named Jiří and a daughter named Jaroslava. Jiří Mucha was married twice and he met his second wife – Englishwoman Geraldina Thompson – in London during World War II. His second marriage brought him a son named Jan Marek Mucha. Jiří Mucha had a large number of acquaintances and extramarital affairs, just as Geraldine, with whom he basically hadn’t lived since the 1970s. But before all this, in 1948, Geraldine gave birth to a son, Jan Marek Mucha.

In 1966 after quarrels with Jiří, Jan Marek left for England where he had his name changed to John Marcus Omond and thus condemned the name of the Mucha family. John Omond is not the biological son of Jiří Mucha – this was well known throughout the community. Therefore he is also not the grandson of Alfons Mucha and has little in common with the Mucha family. John Omond’s father is a film director named Vladimír Čech and Jiří used to write screenplays for his films. Jiří Mucha stated this fact in a written declaration where he also stated that he did not want John to inherit any paintings, money or copyrights from him. However, John Omond’s plan was far more thoughtful than it may seem, and in the end the whole legacy of Alfons Mucha was rudely siphoned off to a strange trust in Liechtenstein, where it was hid by John Omond and his mother.

Hence John Omond is not Alfons Mucha’s grandson and he never was – this is because he is not even the son of Jiří Mucha. Omond’s alleged rights to the artist’s works, including rights to the Slavic Epic, are based on dubious manoeuvres after the death of Jiří Mucha – a man who took care of his stepson as of his own.

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Discover the entire history of the heir with fake blood, who got the property and rights of one of the most famous Czech artists. So time went with John Omond:



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Notary records, personal correspondence and other documents.

Declaration of the true father of John Omond

Jiří Mucha’s declaration on the fact that he is not the father of John Omond from 14 September. In the statement, Mucha also states that he does not want John to inherit anything from him.

Deed of renaming of John Omond

Official document on renaming Jan Marek Mucha to John Marcus Omond from August 25, 1970. How he got rid of Mucha’s name and turned away from his family.

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