After issuing the written statement naming John Omond’s actual father, Jiří Mucha throughout the year 1989 strove to find a way to formally disinherit John Omond.

How to ensure dignified management of the inheritance of Alfons Mucha

As Jiří Mucha aged, he became more convinced and decided that John Omond should not inherit anything from Alfons Mucha, including any assets that he could receive following Jiří’s death. Jiří looked harder and harder for a way to ensure that extensive art collections and copyrights would not fall into the wrong hands. He strongly hoped that John Omond would not inherit a thing but unfortunately the legal path to disinheritance did not exist at that time. The one way he found was based on the suggestion of his attorney that Jiří use purchase agreements or deeds of gift to transfer assets to those closest to him.

Jiří Mucha unexpectedly died on April 5, 1991 and his estate was massively undervalued

Comparison of the list of the assets for the estate of Jiří Mucha as compiled by Miloslava Seydlová and the list for the exhibition in Japan as compiled Jana Orlíková-Brabcová

  • Evidence of the approximately 100 times undervaluation of assets can be found through the simple comparison of the estimated values of the works loaned for the exhibition in Tokyo in the year 1992.

  • The painting Vision (1888) was valued by Jana Orlíková at 25,000 USD while Miloslava Saydlová valued it at 8,000 CZK – at the exchange rate of 1 USD = 29 CZK in 1991, the actual value of the painting was approximately 725,000 CZK

  • Jana Orlíková valued the Design for Illustration for Charles Seignobos’ Histoire d’Espagne at 30,000 USD while Miloslava Saydlová valued it at 6,000 CZK – the actual value of the work should be approximately 870,000 CZK

Legal hitch

The determination of Jiří Mucha as well as his declaration naming the real father of John Omond make it clear that Jiří strongly rejected the idea of John Omond inheriting anything at all. This is why John Omond strategically gave up his share in the inheritance so that the inheritance would fall to his mother Geraldine. However at that time they both knew that Jiří Mucha had another child, this one blood-related, a daughter Jarmila. This was omitted in the inheritance because Jiří had long wished that Jarmila would be the one to handle the estate of Alfons Mucha.